The Group Personal Accident Insurance policy provides insurance cover for EEBA member´┐Żs staffs working onboard the express bus/coach. The policy covers the Insured Person while he/she board/alight or working onboard coaches traveling between Singapore and Malaysia.

The Insured Person includes:
a. Drivers, stewards, stewardess, tour leaders and tour guides employed by EEBA members.  These include Singaporean and foreign employees who are Malaysian or Chinese Nationals.
b. All other personnel employed by members of the association comprising mainly tour & travel related agencies and express bus operators who work onboard coach/express bus to different states in Malaysia/Hadyai.

CHUBB Insurance Singapore Limited as the underwriter for the Group Personal Accident Insurance policy will provide insurance cover and benefits as follows:

S/No. Summary of Benefits Sum Insured (S$)
1 Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement S$30,000 per Insured Person
2 Accidental Medical Reimbursement (AMR) S$3,000 per Insured Person
3 Chinese Acupuncturist or Bonesetter or Chiropractor or Physiotherapist Up to S$750 under AMR
4 Burial Expenses S$2,000 per Insured Person
5 Fracture Benefits Up to S$3,000 per any ONE accident
6 Mobility Expense Up to S$5,000 per Insured Person
7 Ambulance Cost Up to S$500 per any ONE accident